API Toolbox

The API toolbox is a piece of software that takes information about our API (defined in Swagger format) and shows them as a nice interface from which you can check all the endpoints publicy available and read how to call them and what to expect as response.

It gets regularly update from our API itself (everytime we update them) so it is always in sync with the latest published API that answer to your requests.

You can, with this tool,  experiment  the API without writing code: the toolbox, with your api key, can send requests to the API back-end and read the results yourself from the browser (a sort of “Postman” if you know it). This can be helpful to do some preliminary tests to endpoints to see if they're fit for the problem you're trying to solve.

Toolbox url: clickmeter.com/apitoolbox

Any Additional info, advice, complaint?
Please write us: api@clickmeter.com
Our team of engineers is happy to read and answer everyone.


The API toolbox requires your api key to works, so it is not working in a sandbox mode but it is accessing YOUR LIVE DATA: this means ( for example) that if you delete an existing datapoint (link or pixel) through APIs it’ll be the same as deleting it from your current ClickMeter Platform Account, the same with any other action you may perform with APIs.


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