Why ClickMeter API?

The new APIs provided by ClickMeter permits to access to the same data you're able to access from the ClickMeter Web Platform but through standard REST calls: this permits to access all the functionalities of ClickMeter but in a different way that enables you to create your own analytics platform.


It also provide a DAC access control over the resources: you can create secondary API keys (guest accounts) so that you can deliver your data to interested third parties just by settings the right permissions for that particular API key: the API DAC system will take care of checking the calls and deliver/not deliver the requested information or executing the requested action (such as editing the information of a datapoint).


You can create an application easily by parsing the Swagger JSON that is powering the API Toolbox in conjuction with one of the many code generators for the Swagger standard and interact with our system... but why you would to do that?


Well API were built to be helpful to people that:

  • need to automate some tasks, like batch link and campaign creation
  • need access to already aggregated data constantly and want it personalized
  • need to create platforms about tracking but don't want to write the whole tracking platform but itself


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