How ClickMeter consumes its own APIs

The release of the APIs 2.0 contributed to a big change in the how ClickMeter delivers the data to the users.

The major change is the Web Interface, infact, it has been re-coded to fetch the data from the APIs endpoints giving many advantages:

  • Dependency on API, so the site becomes a view while the model is mantained by API
  • Data is the same regardless of the place from where you see it (site itself, api endpoint)
  • All the requests to the Website are validated two times (site itself, API endpoint)
  • APIs hide the complexity of the internal architecture to us like it does to everyother user, thus forgetting about requests that have to be specific of the technology

The site then uses a combination of client-side and server-side AJAX requests always to the specific API endpoints, the result is then binded to the view model made in JS and the data is then shown to the user.

Having to work only on the view model this also simplify the designer job, everything is JSON based so if we need to completely re-haul the site with new components that uses the same data, no work is needed besides the new binding to the new JS View libraries.

API new security model also permits us to give you a more flexible guest model that can also interact with your links collection and help you manage it.


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