Getting Started with API V2.0

The new API V2.0 is a RESTful implementation to access the internals of ClickMeter system in similar way you can do with the BO but offering you many more possibilities.

Accessing them is easy you just need your API key (found in the BO) and use it with the header "X-Clickmeter-Authkey" (it's case insensitive) to forward a request to one of the many endpoints you can find in the ToolBox.


If you want to experiment  new API without writing code you can use the API Interactive Toolbox from which you can send requests to the API back-end and read the results yourself from the browser (a sort of “Postman” if you know it).

We’re in the process of publishing a full doc set so you can get the full picture.

Header name for authentication: X-Clickmeter-Authkey
API Url:
Toolbox url:
Throttle factor: 10 request/sec per IP

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Our team of engineers is happy to read and answer everyone.


The data the APIs are reading from and writing to are synchronized with the official platform database (the one that is live now), this means ( for example) that if you delete an existing datapoint (link or pixel) through APIs it’ll be the same as deleting it from your current ClickMeter Platform Account, the same with any other action you may perform with APIs.


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