How to get a complete list of datapoints

ClickMeter’s APIs have a limit (100) on the number of datapoints that can be returned with a single request. This is a workaround to get the complete list, in case you have more than 100 datapoints.



$pixels_list = array();

$offset = 0;

$output = api_request('' . $campaign_id . '/datapoints?type=TP&status=active', 'GET', NULL, $api_key);

while (!empty($output[entities])) {

foreach($output[entities] as $pixel) {

$pixels_list[] = $pixel;


$offset+= 100;

$output = api_request('' . $campaign_id . '/datapoints?offset=' . $offset . '&limit=100&type=TP&status=active', 'GET', NULL, $api_key);



This example shows how to get the complete list of tracking pixels for a specific campaign, with the active status.


  • offset: specify the index of the first datapoint that will be returned in the response.

  • limit: specify the maximum number of elements to retrieve. Default is 20, so we force the request to return 100 datapoints in order to reduce the number of requests.

Return value:

This snippet of code will produce an array called $pixels_list containing the complete list of datapoints.

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