How to create a tracking pixel

This task only need one simple POST request to ClickMeter’s APIs.



$body = array(

'type' => 1,

'title' => "A friendly name",

"groupId" => $TP_campaing_id


$json = api_request('', 'POST', json_encode($body), $api_key);



This request needs a body to carry arguments, in JSON format. Here are showed the minimum number of parameters necessary to get a successful creation:

  • type: the type of datapoint to be created, 0 for tracking link, 1 for tracking pixel.

  • title: a friendly name to display the created tracking pixel into ClickMeter.

  • groupId: the identifier of the campaign that will contain the created tracking pixel. 

Return value:

The response body will contain the id of the created tracking pixel.

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