Affiliate lesson 01: Share an affiliate link on Twitter and Facebook

Send Great messages!

Sharing via Twitter is a very good tactic to promote ClickMeter and earn money in our Affiliate Program
Below you will find some great message suggestions that have seen high conversion rates for our affiliates that you could use.

On Twitter, we recommend tweeting approximately once every three days, both not to look "spammy" and to achieve better conversions results.
You can also ask your friends to post the messages on their account using your affiliate link, this will help you a lot too.
It's also important to personalize the messages so that you will be more persuasive and look more genuine.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Always remember to include your affiliate link at the end of every message!!!


How to promote ClickMeter via Facebook

 Sharing your affiliate link via Facebook is very simple.

  1. Copy a message (from those above) and paste it into your Facebook status along with your affiliate tracking link.
  2. Click "Post" and that's it 😃



IMPORTANT NOTE: Always remember to include your affiliate link at the end of every message!!!

How to make money recommending ClickMeter

Affiliate marketing takes time to grow but by following some tips and working hard, you can be very successful and change your life: here are some very useful tips.


How to track conversion parameters

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