How to track conversions (video)

Video tutorial for: creating conversion codes (3:27)

With ClickMeter you can track different conversions. A conversion results when a click on promotional links you placed in emails, ads, social networking sites leads to a user action such as a purchase or a sign up. To track the conversion first you need to create a conversion code. To create a conversion go to the CREATE NEW blue button and select CONVERSION CODE.  Name your conversion code and leave some notes about the conversion as well. Once you are done click the CREATE CONVERSION CODE button.Your new conversion code has been successfully created.

Now you need to copy this code snippet and paste it in the thank you page. A thank you page is the page you see just after the purchase or sign up.  To do so copy the code snippet and paste into the HTML code of the thank you page. Paste the conversion code inside the Body section of the HTML. It is better to add it at the end of the body section. When you are done save the page and update the current thank you page on the web. 

Now you need to create a tracking link or pixel to associate with the conversion code that we just created. For now we will create a tracking link. To create a new tracking link from your dashboard click on the create new blue button. A drop down will appear and select tracking link. A destination URL is the original URL you want to redirect and track data on. Select the campaign you want to include the tracking link with. Campaigns help you organzie your dashboard especially when you're managing multiple campaigns. If you didn't already create a campaign you can from here. Select a new or existing campaign from the list. You can create a custom URL for your tracking link in the box to the right of the shortened tracking link. For example if you used "MyWebService"the tracking link will look like "". A friendly name is the one which can be used to identify your tracking link in the list of tracking links. Now click on the option conversion From here select the conversion that you want to associate to this tracking link and click create link. Our tracking link has been successfully created. Now you case use this tracking link to track the conversions.

You can see conversions in your ClickMeter dashboard. You can see more details in the conversion details page. For that go to the menu REPORTS, CONVERSIONS.  Here you can see the list of conversions and select the one that you want. You can assign different tracking links or pixels to a same conversion. A tracking link tracks the conversion from a click, while the tracking pixel tracks the conversion from the page view. 


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How to create a conversion code


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