How to create and manage tags (video)

Video tutorial for: creating and managing tags (2:19)

In ClickMeter you can assign tags to campaigns, links, pixels and almost all other elements. For example to assign tags to a campaign go to the menu REPORT and select CAMPAIGN to see the list of all your campaigns. You can assign tags in two ways.

For a single campaign go to the particular campaign you want to assign tags to and click on the "Action" button next to it. Then select tags from the drop down menu. Now type the tags you want to assign to this campaign. Once you're done click on the save button. Now you can see the new tag next to the campaign name.

To assign tags to multiple campaigns select the campaigns using the check-boxes to the left of the listed campaigns . A box will then appear with several functions to choose from; click on the tag button. Name your tags in this field and click the save button. The new tags will appear next to each campaign.

You can use tags to filter and categorize the elements. To see the list of tags that are used in your account go to menu, REPORTS > TAGS. You will see a list of all tags that are associated with your tracking elements. You can see they are arranged in element-wise and also can see the number of times that you used the particular tag. To see the list of campaigns associated with the particular tag click on the tag. This will take you to the list of campaigns that are assigned with tags. These tags are optimized for our internal search engine to assist you  in searching the particular elements used in one or multiple campaigns, tracking links or pixels.  From the drop-down you can see the list of whole tags in the campaign. If this tag icon is green then this means the list is filtered with any of the tags and you can click here to reset the tags filter.

Please follow these  instructions to all elements when applying tags.  

Watch this video on Youtube:

How to create and manage tags


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