How to create a new tracking pixel (video)

Video tutorial for: tracking pixel creation, list of pixels overview. (1:21)

To create a new tracking pixel log into your ClickMeter dashboard and click on the blue “Create new” button and select tracking pixel. Select the campaign you want the tracking pixel associated with. You can also create a new campaign from here if it hasn’t been created already. Give the tracking pixel a friendly name so you can identify it among the list of tracking pixels. Through the options you can add tags (see our video on creating tags) as well as conversions (see our video on creating conversions). 

After creating your new tracking pixel you can copy the code and paste within the body section of the HTML code of the page that you want to track. You can access tracking pixels from REPORTS > TRACKING PIXELS to see how many people visited your page or opened your email.

Watch this video on Youtube:

How to create a new tracking pixel


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