How to manage (edit/delete) a tracking link (video)

Video tutorial for: tracking link management (edit/delete) (2:01)

To manage a ClickMeter tracking link you will need to log into your ClickMeter dashboard and go to the list of tracking links from the menu REPORTS > TRACKING LINKS.  You will be able to view all the available tracking links in your account. 

When viewing the list of tracking links run your cursor over the desired tracking link to show the ACTIONS drop down box .  If you would like to perform actions on multiple tracking links  select the tracking links by clicking the box  to the left and then the function buttons will appear at the top of the table.  The functions options will you to share, add tags, compare  or delete different tracking links individually or together.  You can also do these functions from inside the tracking link details page by clicking on an individual tracking link. 

After clicking on the individual tracking links you can see different functions available on the top right portion of the screen.  Once again you have the options to share, add tags, compare  or delete the tracking link.  For example; if you wanted to delete a tracking link(s) you can either click the box to the left of the link and then select the garbage can on the top right of the screen which will prompt a confirmation for the deletion action. Press Yes to confirm the deletion. You can also delete the tracking link after you've selected the individual link and selecting the trash can in the functions area and will receive the confirmation box to complete the deletion. 

The deleted tracking link and disappear from the list however you can see the list of deleted tracking links by choosing the deleted link from this filter menu. This tracking link is now marked as deleted and will not be redirecting or tracking anymore data but you can still see the tracking reports till the date the link was actively working.


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How to manage (edit/delete) a tracking link


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