How to create a new campaign (video)

Video tutorial for: campaign creation, list of campaigns overview. (1:47)

In ClickMeter a campaign is a collection of different tracking elements such as tracking links and tracking pixels. It can be compared to a folder that you have in your PC or Mac. You can create and manage multiple and varying campaigns from your ClickMeter dashboard to help you stay organized.

To create a campaign go to your ClickMeter dashboard and click the blue “Create new” button at the top right portion of the screen and select "Campaign". You will need to complete a brief form to setup the campaign. Give your campaign a unique name, for example a customer or product name, and some notes about the campaign for future reference. You can also include some tags for your campaigns (please see our video tutorial for creating tags). Once you're done completing the form click "Create campaign" to create your new campaign.

Your new campaign has been created successfully. You can now add different tracking elements to this campaign such as tracking links & tracking pixels. You can also access your campaigns from the list of campaigns in the dashboard via REPORTS > CAMPAIGNS.  

Watch this video in Youtube:

How to create a new campaign


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