How Do I Know if My Dedicated Domain is Setup Correctly

ClickMeter provides Large & Extra-Large users the access to the dedicated domain feature.  With so many registrars available ClickMeter strives to provide up-to-date detailed DNS instructions for the setup of a dedicated domain. From time to time though users can receive an in dashboard error message stating their dedicated domain is not setup correctly.

To confirm if this in dashboard message is correct or sent in error users can test with the following resources. It is STRONGLY ADVISED to test with more than one of the following options. 

Option 1: 

You can first test by inputting your dedicated domain URL into a new browser tab and hit "enter".


If you receive the landing page above you've successfully setup your dedicated domain. But before celebrating you should double check with one or both of the following websites. 

Option 2:

Digwebinterface is an extensive web interface to dig for online dns / nameserver query

In the "Hostnames or IP Addresses:" box input your dedicated domain with NO www, http or https. Then in "TYPE" select from the drop down "CNAME" and then click "Dig".


If the DNS was setup correctly and the dedicated domain was inputted into in the right format you should clearly see the CNAME result with "CNAME"


Option 3:

MxToolbox is a multi-platform service that provides free, fast and accurate network diagnose and lookup tools and related email security services.

Plug-in the dedicated domain into the "Domain Name:" with NO www, http or https.



If the DNS was setup correctly and the dedicated domain was inputted into in the right format you should clearly see in the "Canonical Name" box "".



If you have tested with the options above and you're not seeing the results mentioned above please review the ClickMeter setup instructions to confirm the setup is correct or contact your registrar (GoDaddy, HostGator, Media Temple, etc..) support directly for further assistance. 

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