Second Level domain redirect (tracking links with dedicated domain)

How to create tracking links with your second level domain (eg.:

If you want to create short tracking links with your domain or a spare domain name you own:

  • If you do not have one you can register it with one of the most famous domains provider, eg.: Godaddy, or eNom
  • A spare domain name is a domain you are not using for other purposes such as hosting your website.
  • In case the main domain is in use we suggest to try with alternative domain extensions (first level domains).

Eg.: if you're using for your main website then register for the tracking links. As an alternative you can use a third level domain eg.: or Here you can find details on the third level CNAME procedures.

After you have the domain please follow this simple procedure:

  1. Log into your hosting account (GoDaddy, Hostgator,, etc)
  2. Go to DNS Settings page
  3. First create a domain A-record,  leave Subdomain field empty or if it's not possible type "@", point to IP address
  4. Then create a domain CNAME-record, in the Subdomain field enter "www", point to
  5. Save your changes.
  6. In your ClickMeter Dedicate domains page, simply add your spare domain with "www":



  • Verify DNS button will not work with this setup, but you can verify creating a new tracking link with your own domain.
  • DNS needs to be propagated all over the World in order to make the dedicated domain works. If the domain is brand new it should take only some minutes. But if the dedicated domain was registered in the past it COULD take up to 24h.


Second Level Domain Redirect how to

This page was last updated on 8 April 2015.
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