Go.htm - Create tracking links with my own domain name

With "go.htm" file you can create new tracking links with the same domain name of your website (i.e..: yourwebsite.com/go.htm?123456).
This allows you to better personalize your ads and to appear more professional. How to do it?

After you login to your ClickMeter account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to TOOLS > Go.htm redirection


  2. Download the “go.htm” file


  3. Unzip the file and upload it in the root folder of your website (or to any other web folder of your website)
  4. Click on the Associate a new path button.


  5. Specify the path where you placed the go.html file in your website. 



Notes and tips:

- You can upload the "go.htm" file anywhere on your website server, but it's preferable to upload it at the root level so that your tracking-links will be shorter
- You can use the "go.htm" file on up to 10 different websites (or domains)
In order to make the system work it is important that you type the correct path of the file in your site (i.e.: www.yourdomain.com/folder1)


When using "go.htm" you have to keep in mind that:
1)    The referrer data will not be tracked
2)    The "go.htm" files will be on the same servers as your websites (or domains), so make sure those servers will sustain your overall traffic.

Need help using "go.html" file?

Write to: support@clickmeter.com

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