How do I use my own dedicated domain to create tracking links? (vanity URL)


Using a dedicated domain to create tracking links has relevant advantages.

  1.  Increased brand visibility
    Show your brand and not a third party domain. Links are easier to remember
  2. Better link trust
    Tracking links will look neater and not spammy. Click-through will raise.
  3. SEO Optimization
    Your links will be better indexed by search engines.

IMPORTANT: If you’re using tracking links in email marketing campaigns there is a higher probability of your emails avoiding spam folders when you use a dedicated domain. Dedicated domains are more likely to be trusted than generic URL shortened domains like or that could be viewed as suspicious or blacklisted.

What domains can I use?

ClickMeter works with any domain.Once you’ve added your own domain it will be available in your link creation menu.


- You need a spare domain name. This feature does not work with domains already used for other purposes.
-If you want to use your main company domain or in general a domain that is not a spare then you should create a third level domain. third level domain.
-For example Here the "go." part can be changed as you like (e.g.: purchase. or track., etc...)

How to configure it

The dedicated (branded) domains are available on all paid subscription plans, upgrade now.     30 days money back guarantee.

To activate one or more dedicated domains please follow the procedure related to the domain you want to use (Subdomain or Root domain):

Subdomain procedure (e.g.

  1. Log into your ClickMeter account
  2. Open Settings >> Dedicated domains and add your domain
  3. Log in your domain provider. This is the company you registered the domain with (eg.: Godaddy or, etc...)
  4. Create a domain's CNAME record for your custom domain
  5. Point the CNAME record to ""

-- Detailed instructions for CNAME configuration:
Here are detailed instructions from Google on how to create CNAME records on most famous hosting (domains) providers:

Root domain procedure (e.g.

  1. Log into your hosting account (GoDaddy, Hostgator,, etc)
  2. Go to DNS Settings page
  3. First, create a domain A-record,  leave Subdomain field empty or if it's not possible type "@", point to IP address
  4. Then create a domain CNAME-record, in the Subdomain field enter "www", point to
  5. Save your changes.
  6. In your ClickMeter Dedicate domains page, simply add your spare domain with "www":

-- If you do not have any experience making changes to your domain records:
you should email your registrar and either ask for guidance or ask them to make the changes for you.
ClickMeter does not have access to your domain records. 

-- Here is a sample email that you can send to your registrar:
"I have created an account with ClickMeter and need to create a CNAME record and point it to Can you either set this up for me or provide me with instructions on how to make the necessary changes? 
Note that I want to keep using you as my domain registrar.   I am not requesting a transfer and do not have new name servers."

-- Please note:
- It may take up to 24 hours for your changes to take effect.
- in case this procedure is too much complicated or you cannot follow it for any reason consider creating a personalized third-level domain as an alternative to the dedicated domain.

Need more help?

We know that setup operations relating to this feature are fairly complicated.
Please feel free to contact our technical support at any time at



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