How to create report shortcuts?

Report shortcuts provide a fast way to access your specific reports in ClickMeter. You can create shortcuts for any ClickMeter report with filtered data. To create a shortcut, simply follow these steps:

  1. When you are in a specific reports (for Example: REPORTS -> TRACKING LIKNS)


  2. Use the filter options to filter the exact data that you want to see in the table


  3. Click on the "Shortcut this report" button at the extreme right side of the table. 


  4. Give a name for your shortcut (Max 30 characters)


  5. Click "Save"

    Now you can see a new menu element in the menu bar called "SHORTCUTS". Mouse-over it to see the shortcut that you just created.
    Click on the shortcut report and it will take you to desired report.



You can also create shortcuts for List of campaigns, links, pixels, link details, World stream, etc.


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