Datapoints statuses

In ClickMeter, when you create a new datapoint (tracking link, pixel, etc...) it has the ACTIVE status by default.
Then it can be modified in three other statuses: PAUSED, BLOCKED, DELETED.

The following matrix shows how statuses affect datapoints.



Means that the datapoint is redirecting (does not apply in case of tracking pixels), reports are updated on every click or view.


You can pause and un-pause (resume) datapoints clicking on the "Play" icon near every datapoint name (eg.: in the list of links), the icon will be transformed in a "Pause" icon or in "Play" icon depending on the current status.
Paused datapoints will not redirect (not applicable to tracking pixels) and will not track. No clicks or view are billed in this case.


Datapoints may be blocked by the system or by ClickMeter Team in case they are not compliant with our T&C or Anti-Spam-Policy or if they contain technical bugs. A list of blocked datapoints is also available
You can ask to re-active a datapoint at anytime following the on-page instructions. More info here: What is a blocked tracking link and how can I remove the block? Blocked datapoints (applicable only in case of tracking links) will take visitors to a special page to alert them the datapoint is suspicious.


You can delete any datapoint from your ClickMeter platform. In the list of links and pixel you can delete one datapoint at a time from the ACTIONS button or many at a time by selecting the appropriate checkboxes. Delete buttons can be found in many other places. ALERT!!! once deleted a datapoint cannot be recovered. Old stats will be accessible but will NOT be possible to create datapoints with the same tracking code.


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