How can I share reports?

ClickMeter allows you to share your dashboard reports in a few quick steps. You can either share reports to the public (accessible by everyone) or with specific people you select.

What you can share is a tracking link, a tracking pixel or a whole campaign. All three will include the possibility to access all single tracking elements it contains as well as the overall campaign aggregated reports.

There are several subjects you can choose to deliver your statistics to:

  • Public: Anyone will have access to your reports through the link without the need to insert any password.
  • Private: A viewer will need to log into an account setup by you. The reports will only be available to those with the appropriate credentials. You can share reports with other ClickMeter users or with one or more guests.

To share a report:

  • Select a campaign, tracking link or tracking pixel


  • Move you mouse over the campaign, tracking link or pixel to show the "action" drop down


  • Select "Share"


  • "add guest account"


  • click the (+) button
  • Create guest details


  • Advance setting: Date format, number format, etc.. 


  • Save (the confirmation will be at the top of the box, if you scroll to the top immediately you will see it)
  • Select the guest from the drop down menu and select "done"





  • Click "Share and Save"
  • Click "Share and Save" again

The tracking elements you share are marked in the lists as "SHARED".

A screenshot of the guest management table, available for every advanced subscription:


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