Is ClickMeter secure and reliable?

ClickMeter is very secure and reliable.

We understand that redirects and reports are super important for our customers. A tracking link that is not able to redirect to  destination URL or a report displaying wrong data may be a great issue. This is why we worked (and work every day) to ensure the maximum reliability of our redirect process and reports.

Redirect reliability

To be sure all redirects from our tracking links to the destination urls succeed and are efficient is our first concern. All ClickMeter redirect engine is designed around the reliability concept: 4 times redundant DNS; Amazon AWS multiple availability zones hosting; one minute redundant and worldwide pinging robots; load balancers, queues, etc...
Status of redirect is available online to everyone and is updated every minute. It is provided by a reliable third party services:
In the moment I'm writing this article we have a 100% uptime in last 3 months and 99,99% in last 12 months.


Reports reliability

Very precise numbers in reports are another extremely important things we care about. We tracked billions of clicks and page views and we produce "tons" of reports every day. Every time we produce or update a new kind of report we carefully check the numbers before to publish it live. Anyway bugs can happens so we activated several communication channels with our (thousands) of customers and we give high priority to each feedback about reports numbers.

Privacy and servers access

Privacy is very important in tracking human data and behaviors like clicks. So we produced a strict internal and external privacy policy. As well as severe anti-spam rules and process. We are also maniacs about data and server security. We constantly work on review updating server security: Reserved IP access, token passwords, written access rules for employers, etc...


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