Is it possible to exclude IPs from reports?

Yes, you can exclude the clicks coming from one or more IPs.

How to block IPs from being counted:

This feature is accessible from Settings > Exclude IPs

You can specify a list of IPs or classes of IPs that you want to block. All the clicks (or views) coming from this IP(s) will be redirected to destination URL but will not be tracked in the reports. The block/unblock is effective within one hour after adding the IP(s) to this page, however only future clicks/reports will be affected. To specify a class instead of a single IP you just need to add a wildcard in the IP (eg.: 123.22.13.*). It can be at any level but you can specify just one wildcard for each IP (eg.: 123.*.22.* is not allowed)

The form accepts also the Netmask syntax, e.g. if you want to block these IP at the second level:

just add this to the IP block tool:

and it will block all the IP address that start with 176.81.

Why it's useful:

  • If you are receiving too many clicks from a single source (eg.: a bot or a spider), it can be avoided from the reports using this method.
  • You may want to prevent clicks/views from you or your colleagues not to be counted in the reports not to "dilute" the stats with your clicks. 
  • May want to exclude a specific source of traffic from the reports.

Note that the clicks7Views not counted will also not be billed in your ClickMeter plan.


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