5 ways to track conversions

Conversion Tracking: How to


Through ClickMeter you have different ways to set up conversion tracking:

1) Conversion code snippet

This is a JavaScript piece of code you need to copy and paste in the thank you page. The page that is shown just after the conversion happens.
Our video tutorial will guide you through all the steps of creating a conversion code, instal it and track your first conversion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHPmq163VJQ 

2) Conversion pixel

This method works basically in the same way as the conversion code snippet but the code has the form of an image tag.
The pixel code is a little less efficient than the snippet because in some rare cases may be cached and be a little less precise, but is necessary when the JavaScript code is not accepted. The setup is the same as for the conversion code snippet and you can have a look at the same video:

3) OnClick Conversion tracking

This solution allows you to record a conversion when a button (or a link) is clicked. You need to setup a JavaScipt in the page where the button or the link is located. The advantage of this solution is that you can track conversions also if you do not have access to the thank you page of the merchant. The disadvantage is that you are presuming (from the click) that the conversion is happening but you cannot be 100% sure. Detailed info here: https://support.clickmeter.com/hc/en-us/articles/211034626-Onclick-conversion-tracking 

4) Server-to-Server (postback) conversion tracking

This solution allows you to track conversions without inserting any code on internet pages. Setting up S2S his not so easy and can be done only in case the merchant website is supporting it. Another important advantage is that this method works without cookies so, also if the visitor browser is in incognito mode or is not accepting cookies for any reason, the conversion will be recorded. In case you are a premium ClickMeter customer you can ask our engineers to help you with S2S conversions setup. You can find detailed info about this solution here:

5) Tid conversion tracking

If you're an affiliate marketer and you are subscribed to one (or more) of the most popular affiliate networks such ClickBank, Shareasale, LinkShare, CommissionJunction, etc… You may find the tid conversion tracking technique useful. This is not the most practical way to track conversions but maybe the only one you have if you can't insert a conversion pixel in the thank you page, access to server to server or on-click conversion tracking. Please click here for more details about tid conversion tracking here: http://blog.clickmeter.com/tid-conversion-tracking

What if I can not edit (do not have access) the thank you page?

In solutions 1 and 2 you will need to physically insert the conversion code snippets and conversion pixels into thank you pages to record conversions. With OnClick (OCT) & Server-to-Server (S2S) (solutions 3 and 4) you will not be required to insert code. A further alternative can be (#5) Tid conversion tracking, but this is normally available only in the case of some affiliate networks.


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