How can I change the credit card for my payments?

If you’re making payments with your credit card for ClickMeter and you need to update an existing card or add a new credit card for payment please follow these directions:

  • Please log into your ClickMeter account
  • Click your name on the top right of the screen which will activate a drop down menu.
  • Click on “my payment methods”

From here you will be able to add, delete or edit existing billing information.

  1. To add new card click on the blue “add new credit card” button
  2. To modify credit card data associated with your ClickMeter account you will need to create a new duplicate credit card profile with the updated information.
  3. To change the default card just press on "Make default" link near the card you want to have like default.

Please note:

  • The new card will be marked “Default” for future payments unless you do not change it.
  • Creating/modifying a card  will NOT change your current billing cycle. Meaning that you will billing with the new card in the next billing cycle.





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