How can I change the credit card for my payments? (PayPal)

If you are paying recurrently with PayPal,  there are two ways to update your credit card depending on what your case is:

A) Maintain the same PayPal Account and update Credit Card data:

You need to modify credit card data directly in your PayPal account.  ClickMeter receives payment from Paypal and not the credit card. 

B) Pay with another card and another PayPal account

  1. Open this page:
  2. Click on "Your current plan" button
  3. Proceed with the checkout process.

You will be required to re-pay with PayPal using the new credit card. The old card will not be billed anymore.

The new subscription will start from the moment you make the new payment.

After the payment please send and email to and we will refund you the pro-rata of the previous subscription not yest used.


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