How can ClickMeter be Useful for Me?

Here are some examples of how ClickMeter can solve your tracking problems and facilitate your online marketing and business: 

Trust: Can you trust beyond a doubt the results of the web advertising you bought from other companies? ClickMeter is an independent tracking instrument. We don't earn anything if pay-per-click campaigns cost more. ClickMeter focuses exclusively on tracking REAL clicks!

Click fraud alert:
 Do you know that in the "pay per click" advertising (where you pay a fee for each click on your ads) there is on average a 17% chance that the clicks you are charged for are fraudulent or not from visitors actually interested in your post? ClickMeter contains tools to verify suspicious click-fraud activities. These tools can be configured by you (need to be logged in) and be used to decide which campaigns to change or terminate.

All in one basket: Have you ever promoted your products or services with pay per click, banners, email marketing, affiliates campaigns, post on blog or social media campaigns? How do you know with certainty the number of, as well as the quality of, the visits generated from each of these promotion channels? ClickMeter allows you to display each campaign's click into a single convenient dashboard.

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