A/B Split Test Redirect

How to A/B split test your landing pages using a Links Rotator

A Links rotator lets you split the traffic you receive from an Internet marketing source, such as a banner or an email campaign etc... and send it to two or more landing pages. This is very useful in case you are testing the quality of these landing pages to see which is converting better.  It's very important that you double check if the rotator you are using is allowing you to track conversions. ClickMeter allows you to track and record conversions in multiple ways.


  • After you create a links rotator.
  • You need to insert  the rotator link in your ads and messages.
  • When people click on this link (button, banner, etc...) they are redirected to different landing pages depending on the rules you setup.
  • The rotator will also be connected to conversion tracking.
  • This will allow you to understand which landing page works better.
  • Once you decide which page is outperforming you can disconnect the other pages from the rotator.
  • And... your conversion rate will grow.


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