Links rotator (What is)

A links rotator is

a unique link that allows you to route visitors to different landing pages. When a visitor clicks your link he will be redirected to one of the multiple URLs you have added to the rotator. There are different delivery rules you can setup: Sequential, Random, Weighted or Spill-over. A rotator is necessary when you want to perform A/B test experiments to evaluate which of your landing pages is performing better. This is particularly helpful when you’re tracking conversions (sales, opt-in’s, etc…).

When you’re done testing you can make changes like directing all your traffic to the landing page that performed the best and/or making improvements to the landing pages that under-performed and retesting. A rotator can also be used to share traffic from a link with different partners, show visitors different messages when they click on the same link more than once, etc...

Why choose ClickMeter links rotator

Our rotator is one of the best rotator services available on the Web: reliable, scalable and high performance.

  • We’re constantly updating our rotator with new features at no additional costs to our customers. 
  • The technology powering our rotator service is based on ClickMeter’s redirect engine that is currently used by thousands of companies and marketing professionals, including World top affiliate marketers, to route millions of links and track several billions of clicks each month.
  • ClickMeter links rotator service is fully hosted on Amazon AWS with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime: No code to install, configure or update and no technical skills required.


ClickMeter links rotator comes with the following features:

  • Create unlimited rotators
  • Rotate up to 50 websites or affiliate links in each rotator
  • Advanced redirect modes:
    • Sequential: split traffic evenly
    • Weighted: you decide the % of splitting
    • Random: casual routing
    • Spillover: different landing pages for the same visitor
  • Discover which destination URLs were clicked more
  • Find out which landing page converted the most visitors
  • Cloak destination URL and protect your affiliate code
  • Limit the hits for any rotator
  • Rotate other ClickMeter tracking links and mix additional redirect options:
    • By Nation
    • By Language
    • By Device (mobile, desktop,...)
    • By period of the year
    • etc...
  • Cap the maximum number of clicks you want to redirect
  • Rotate other rotators for complex nested setups
  • Edit Destination and rotator settings anytime and real-time
  • Pause/Activate any URL in rotator




Access your ClickMeter Links rotator by purchasing a ClickMeter plan.

30 DAYS MONEY BACK Guarantee on all plans: you LOVE our product or your money back.





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