Retargeting on your links


Retargeting on links...why?

If you're familiar with retargeting then you know in order to set it up you need to insert Javascript code into your website.
But what if you are not pointing the traffic to your website (see some use cases)? How can you include the visitors in your retargeting/remarketing lists? With ClickMeter it's not a problem, you can easily "attach" your retargeting code to the ClickMeter links.
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How it works:

1) You need a subscription to ClickMeter, at least a Medium plan:

2) When you create a new tracking link or (link rotator) click on the option "Retargeting"



3) If you did not save any retargeting code earlier you can add a new one:


4) Enter a friendly name (it will only be visible for you) and insert the retargeting code in the box. Then press Save.
ClickMeter will associate this retargeting script to the new tracking link and will also save it in the list of retargeting codes (Settings > retargeting codes) so that you will be able to re-use it for other links (or rotators).


Useful to know:

- You can associate multiple retargeting scripts to the same tracking link. (eg.: Facebook + AdWords + AdRoll)
- The code inside the script area can include every kind of HTML valid code, usually a script or a pixel.
- ClickMeter's retargeting feature can also be used to associate Google Analytics web tracking code to your tracking links.
- Most popular retargeting networks/providers are: Criteo, AdRoll, Facebook and Google

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