Referral wiping - hide referrer

Do you want to link anonymously without a referrer to other websites?

When a link is clicked, the server that hosts the link sends information to the destination website as "the referrer".
This is done most of the time unless the referrer is blocked.

In some cases you may want to produce an anonymous link and hide the referrer. This is done when you do not want the destination server to know from where the traffic (click) is coming from, e.g. when the owner of the destination website looks at Google Analytics, they will see clicks coming from your link, but will not know the origin.

To prevent your site from appearing in the server-logs or statistics as a referrer, ClickMeter created the "Wipe referral" option.
This feature is especially useful for affiliate marketers who prefer their merchants not know where they're originating their traffic. 
hide-referrer.pngThis is available when you create a new tracking link or a new rotator.
You can choose to pass the destination server:

  • No data
  • Tracking link anonymous data
  • All data (no wipe)
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