How can I remove an URL from the blacklist?

ClickMeter Links Health Monitor check your landing pages periodically. If you found that one or more links have been blacklisted it means that the landing page (and not the ClickMeter short tracking link) has been blacklisted by one of the major anti-spam organizations. You may want this link to be removed as soon as possible. It does not depend, of course, on ClickMeter, but you should ask removal directly to the organizations.

The first think to do is to double check the current status of the landing page domain. You should re-check directly in the anti-spam organization website to be sure that the blacklist status did not changed since the last check by ClickMeter robots. Most of them have a public "lookup" page, eg.:

ClickMeter, in most of the cases, tells  you which list contain your landing pages domain, if not you should find out using external tools like MXToolbox. Once you find you have been blacklisted you have to follow the procedures of each specific list.


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