Retargeting on my links and not on my website... Why?


Retargeting on my links?

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses simple a Javascript code to anonymously ‘follow’  visitors all over the Web.
Every time a visitor lands on your website, if the website contains the retargeting code, the visitors browser is associated with a cookie.  When the visitor moves onto other websites they will be shown relevant ads specific to the users based on the retargeting (remarketing ) cookie attached to their browser. 

Now what if your traffic is not going directly to your website but is landing on a page you cannot control? It can happen in many cases:

  1. You are an affiliate and you're promoting someone elses product/website.
  2. You work a lot with social networks like Twitter or Facebook and you share with your audience links to interesting resources (articles, websites, videos, etc..) other than your website.
  3. You are an agency and need to purchase and send traffic to your clients but you do not have access to their sites.
  4. You need to send traffic to your company website but do not have time or do not want to ask the IT department to place the remarketing codes on the main website.

For all these reasons and many more having the ability to retarget directly through a tracking link can be the only way to grow your retargeting list.

It's very easy to associate a retargeting code to a ClickMeter Tracking link or even to a rotator. We've created articles that can help in the event you have any doubts:

 If you do not use retargeting for your marketing campaigns maybe this is the right moment to start. Here is a list of the most popular retargeted traffic providers:

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