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What is a solo ad?

Solo Ads are an extraordinary opportunity to generate traffic to your online products and services.
A solo ad is when you pay someone (the publisher also known as the vendor) to mail their email list, on your behalf, with a recommendation and link to your free opt-in offer squeeze page. The solo ad goes out on its own with no other advertising or information; hence “solo”.

Tracking Solo Ads is very important because:

If you are a solo ads vendor these are the advantages you get from using ClickMeter:

  1. TRUST:
    Share reports in real-time with your customers. They will only see their campaigns which are certified by ClickMeter and fully understand the quality of the traffic. This is the best way to build a great returning customers-base.
    Providing your customers with reports about who’s clicking the ad they purchased and understanding (in real-time) which city, country, organizations, etc… the clicks came from adds value to the service you’re selling.
    With ClickMeter you can decide to bill only for quality traffic. In fact ClickMeter filters non-unique clicks and spiders so you can sell ONLY traffic coming from real people.

If you're going to purchase solo ads traffic (advertiser) then you will benefit from ClickMeter for these reasons:

    Allows you to understand if the traffic you paid for is effective for your business.
    You can check the activity of the vendors. Some Solo Ads Vendors are delivering fewer clicks than you purchased and/or are producing low quality or even fake clicks (non-unique, using proxy or bots, sending traffic from "alternative" countries).

ClickMeter is the right tool to monitor and contrast fraud activities. ClickMeter allows you to share reports to your customers to show that you're monitoring their accounts in real-time. Here is the list of Best Solo Ads Vendors.

Tracking a Solo Ad in ClickMeter is VERY simple:

This step by step guide works either if you're the vendor or the advertiser.

A) Create a tracking link with your landing (squeeze) page as the destination URL field
This video may help:

B) Copy the tracking link and send it to the solo ads vendor


C) Double check that the Vendor is using the tracking link in his solo ads

D) Share real-time reports with the Vendor/Advertiser (optional):

How does it work?

Each time a visitor clicks the tracking link  they are redirected to the landing page (or squeeze page) and the click information is tracked and stored in the ClickMeter database.  You will be able to access reports in real-time from your ClickMeter dashboard:

Track conversions

Using ClickMeter you can also track conversions from your Solo Ads. A conversion is the action you want your visitor to perform; generally a purchase or a subscription (Opt-in).  This requires a little more first-time-setup. Please have a look at this short video to discover how it works:

Max clicks and by nation configurable limits

With ClickMeter you can redirect clicks based on many different variables. Two of the most interesting are:




 Track Craigslist ads

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