ClickMeter Screenshots

ClickMeter Logo

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ClickMeter Identity Image

Shows most popular screens of ClickMeter including the World stream, Click stream and Comparison charts. 



List of Links

Shows the list of all the available tracking links associated with all campaigns ordered by Clicks (this list can be in any order).



Click Stream

Shows the recent clicks/views received on the different datapoints (tracking link/tracking pixel) in real-time with the user information like IP address, country of origin, region, city, organization, browser, platform and click type (unique, non-unique, spider/bot, conversion).



Comparison Charts

Shows the comparison of different campaigns up to a maximum of six elements at a time. 



List of Conversions

Shows the list of conversions in a specific time frame (in the image below, the time frame show the last 12 months). You can also include the total conversion counts, last conversion date, values, commissions etc. 



Search Result

Shows the search result of an element in ClickMeter. Important information like link status (active, paused), creation date, campaign name, destination URL, tracking link, and notes can be found here. 



How ClickMeter works

Explains the functioning of ClickMeter link tracking technology. Read more here


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